Shamrock Seals

Shamrock offers a wide variety of high quality seals.

Quality. Reliability. Dependability.

Shamrock Seals specializes in manufacturing hydraulic seals, oil seals and pneumatic seals. Our products include o rings, oil seals, hydraulic seals, piston seals, rod seals, hydraulic cylinder seals, guide rings, wipers, wear rings and other custom machined parts.

We take pride in being able to rapidly produce custom lathe cut seals when you need them.  Making prototypes from samples or a print; producing small quantities; or replacing obsolete seals – all made from high quality materials – coupled with our reputation for competitive pricing differentiates Shamrock Seals from similar manufacturers.


Piston Seals

Rotary Seals

Rod Seals

Guide Rings

Backup Rings

Wiper Seals


Same Day Manufacturing

For our standard profiesl up to 14" we can manufacture and ship your seal requirements in NBR, Viton and PTFE on the same day, as long as we receive th order before 12:00 AM that day. For larger sizes and other materials the production process may be greater than 24 hours.


With our proprietary seal design software our manufacturing engineer is able to develop prototypes and new seals to meet standard and unique requirement in almost any industry. We are also able to set performance expectations and will work with customers to monitor performance and make necessary modifications or additional prototypes in order to improve seal performance in the given application.

Reverse Engineering

If you do not have a print, but have an old seal or a style that is no longer available, send it to us and we can reverse engineer the seal. Once we receive the seal we will analyze the size, construction and the material and make a recommendation on which profile and material we would recommend as a replacement seal. We would then send you a print for you to review and agree and/or modify before producing the seal.

Failure Analysis

Determining why a seal fails is the first step in finding a solution. We usually require an application data sheet so that the customer can provide us the speed, temperature, application or purpose of the the seal, the media that being used in the application and the pressure. With this information we an usually get to the root cause of the failure and suggest a solution.
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  • Symmetrical, single acting piston/rod seal, combined with pressure ring and support ring.
  • By adjusting the number of packings friction and leakage characteristics can be influenced.
  • Excellent static and dynamic sealing performance.
  • Excellent performance in high pressure conditions.
  • Useable for short and long stroke lengths.
  • High wear resistance.


Reciprocating pistons/rods in hydraulic cylinders, plungers etc.

Used in heavy duty applications (presses) with return stroke by equipment weight. Max. pressure 500 bar, max. speed 0.5 m/s.


Installation normally in open housings.

At closed housings the parts need to be split. In this case the seal must be done  slightly larger (approx. 1% in diameter)