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About Shamrock Seals

Started in 2010, Shamrock Seals is a manufacturer of custom rotary and hydraulic seals. Our products are made from high-performance elastomers and engineering plastic material in sizes up to 60.0″. We have produced the following types of seals over the years: rotary, oil and grease, bearing, dust, medium compliant, vacuum, v-seals, high pressure, split and labyrinth seals. Hydraulic and pneumatic seals include rod, piston, symmetrical u-cups, buffer, wiper, excluder, back-up, wear ring, static and spring energized seals. In addition to the standard profiles listed under products on this website, we can manufacture custom profiles as long as we have a print and or/sample. Our online quoting capability minimizes the time required to produce and ship your seals. We are committed to providing quality products, excellent customer service, and on-time delivery.

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