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R06 VA Style V-Ring

R06 VA Style V-Ring


V-Rings are designed to axially seal bearings against dirt, dust, water, etc. in rotating machinery. The V-Ring itself rotates with the shaft.


  • Rotary seal, designed with interference on the ID which provides a good static fit on the shaft and ensures the seal rotates with the shaft. “VA” or “VR1” style.
  • Axial dynamic sealing lip vertical to the r
  • Small contact pressure of the sealing lip that enables also “dry running”.
  • Low friction on the sealing lip – decreasing with the rotation speed as a result of the centrifugal force.
  • Little abrasion and long lifetime.
  • Insurance of sealing also at eccentric rods or rod misalignment.
  • Pressure must be avoided.


Slow and fast rotating shafts.

Secondary sealing element for preventing the primary seal

Max. pressure 0 bar, max. speed 25 m/s.


Pull-over installation.